Hair Regeneration in Bend, OR

What is ResurFX Hair Regeneration?

ResurFX is the fractional laser that causes wounding-induced increased blood flow and direct stimulation of dermal papilla. The laser makes microscopic thermal columns in the dermis, and then creates a healing process that includes lymphocytes infiltrations. The effects of the energy helps to stimulate new hair follicles and hair regeneration.

What can I expect during treatment?

Due to follicles closing, we are unable to numb or use cool air during the procedure. We will only be able to work in small areas per session. Treatment will cause small lesions in the skin, and you can expect heat and a stinging sensation. Immediately after treatment you can apply ice or cooling.

What can I expect after treatment?

You’ll need to keep the area protected from direct sun exposure for 14 days. You can ice the first 24 hours every hour until heat dissipates. Avoid heat the first 72 hours in the area treated. Skin will be red and most likely scab. Avoid picking and allow skin to heal.

When will I see results and how many sessions are required?

Within 8-12 weeks you should notice new hair growth. You will need 10 sessions to see satisfactory results. Treatment can be done every 4-6 week on the same area. We offer this treatment as a yearly membership. Call for more details.

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