PDO Lip Threads in Bend, Roseburg and Albany OR

BodiSculpting Specialists introduces a new procedure to enhance your lips. A lip thread lift addresses the physical shape of the mouth by using special threads to gently, yet effectively, lift the smile line into a more rejuvenated position.

The procedure uses PDO threads, which are the very latest non-surgical technology. They are incredibly fine, so they can be used in the most delicate of procedures, such as lifting and sculpting the lips.

PDO threads are made from Polydioxanone, which is a substance that naturally stimulates the production of collagen

A lip thread lift with PDO threads presents a twofold outcome:

  • Addresses the shape of lips by creating a subtle enhancement and outline of the mouth by gently lifting the edges for a more pleasing appearance and no more down-turned smile
  • Provides a substance that naturally stimulates the production of collagen, creating a subtle, firmer and more youthful texture

BodiSculpting Specialists proudly provides patients from Bend, Roseburg, Albany, OR and surrounding areas with PDO Lip Threads. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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