Dermaplane In Bend, Roseburg and Albany, OR

Dermaplane is a procedure that’s used for exfoliation of dead skin cells and to remove peach fuzz. It uses a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the surface of the skin.

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The Dermaplane Procedure

During your treatment we will cleanse your skin and begin the procedure on slightly damp skin. Dermaplane is about a 30-45 minute treatment. After the procedure we will apply moisturizer and SPF. Dermaplane is safe for all skin types. However, due to the fact that a blade is used, there’s always a risk of a cut.

Benefits of Dermaplane

Dermaplane can be done before several different procedures to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. This treatment can be used a few weeks post IPL to help shed the unwanted pigmentation and dead skin cells. Some clients receive treatments monthly for exfoliation and to help aid in the removal of peach fuzz.

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