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Laser Hair Removal in Bend, Eugene, Roseburg and Albany, OR

Most people are stuck in the cycle of plucking, waxing, shaving, and applying harsh depilatory creams to get rid of unwanted hair. You have to do it daily or every two weeks when the hair grows back. Then you get to do it all over again.

Or, you could come to BodiSculpting Specialists for our laser hair removal and get rid of the hair for good.

Laser Hair Removal Bend, OR

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal involves using laser energy to damage the hair follicles in the treatment area. Once these follicles are damaged they stop producing hair. The FDA has approved the use of lasers for “permanent hair reduction.” Due to hairs being in different phases of the growth cycle, laser hair removal at BodiSculpting Specialists usually permanently removes 85-90 percent of the unwanted hair in the treatment areas.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The key to getting rid of unwanted hair permanently is the hair follicle. For our laser hair removal treatments, we set the wavelength of our Lumenis M22 to match the melanin in your hair. Melanin gives our hair its color. We then direct pulses of laser energy down onto your unwanted hairs. The melanin absorbs the laser light energy and it instantly converts to heat. This heat then travels down the hair shaft into the hair follicle damaging or destroying the follicle and preventing future hair production.

Candidates For Laser Hair Removal

All of us have hair on our bodies that we would rather do without. Laser hair removal works best when there is a good degree of contrast between hair and skin. When that is the case, the laser energy can easily differentiate between the hair and the skin, making it the most effective.

Still, the technology of our Lumenis laser can work on all skin tones and hair colors. When there is less contrast, we simply lower the energy in the pulses delivered.

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Where Can I Have Laser Hair Removal ?

The most popular areas that we remove hair from at BodiSculpting Specialists are the underarms, bikini line, legs, back, upper lip, shoulders, and chin. Some women choose to have a Brazilian treatment for their pubic area. Some men opt for full-face hair removal to lessen the burden of daily shaving. Others opt to remove all of their chest or back hair.

Hair can be removed just about anywhere on the body.

The Phase Of Growth Matters

Our BodiSculpting patients wonder why multiple sessions are required to permanently remove the majority of the hair in the treatment areas. The reason is the growth cycle.

Human hair has three phases to its growth cycle: anagen (growth), catagen (transitional), and telogen (resting). Only during the anagen phase is the hair actively anchored in the follicle.

Laser Hair Removal Bend, OR

During the catagen and telogen phases, the hair is being pushed out of the follicle in the process of shedding. Laser energy can’t get to the follicle in these stages because the hair is already on the way out.

All five million or so of the hairs on our bodies operate independently, moving through the growth cycle. The goal is to catch as many of the unwanted hairs in the growth phase as possible, and it takes multiple sessions to get as many as necessary to achieve the degree of permanent hair reduction the patient desires.

Recovery From Laser Hair Removal

Patients can get back to work or other activities immediately after their session at BodiSculpting. The skin on your treated areas will likely be somewhat red, slightly tender, and may swell just a bit. You can apply a cold compress to help with this. Moisturizers are also a good idea.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments Will I Need?

This comes down to catching the unwanted hair in the growth phase. Since hair is always rotating in and out of this phase, multiple sessions are required to catch as many hairs as possible in the correct phase. We’ve found that 6 to 10 treatments achieve the degree of hair reduction that pleases most of our BodiSculpting Specialists patients. This is generally true of any area on the body. Each session needs to be spaced from 4-10 weeks apart. You’ll need to shave the area prior to your treatment.

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

When the laser delivers its pulses, it feels like a small rubber band is snapped against the skin. To keep you comfortable, we apply a topical cryo cooling device. Also, our Lumenis laser has a proprietary cooling feature that keeps your skin cool before, during, and after the laser pulses.

Risks Of Laser Hair Removal

Lasers have been used for laser hair removal for many years, and the process was extensively tested prior to becoming commercially available. Laser hair removal has proven to be reliable, effective, and safe. The most common side effects after treatment include skin irritation, such as redness and slight swelling on the treatment sites. This usually passes within a few hours.

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