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Frequently Asked Questions About Vaginal Rejuvenation

When we were little, we remember mothers and grandmothers making jokes about laughing too hard. It was only when we got older that we understood what they were talking about. Now, we understand that the jokes about bladder control were real! And while our grandmothers and mothers may not have had many options, we do have options to help resolve these issues today.

Whether you experience mild discomfort or more serious concerns on behalf of your vagina, you should know that there is a procedure out there that may help. It can be hard to spend money on a surgery if you aren’t experiencing life-threatening issues, but sometimes the issues that come from vaginal relaxation can impact our lives.

And, did you know that Ultra Femme 360 is a vaginal rejuvenation option that causes no pain or discomfort, requires no anesthesia, and requires no downtime?

What can be treated with Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal relaxation, which can occur from childbirth and aging, can cause many side effects that may make you uncomfortable or otherwise impact your life. Oftentimes, women also experience an improvement in stress incontinence issues they had previously. Many women experience decreased sexual sensation after giving birth, though vaginal rejuvenation isn’t just about sex and improving only one aspect of your life.

Additionally, decreased sexual sensation is an issue for many women who suffer from vaginal relaxation. Vaginal rejuvenation helps tighten the vagina, which can directly improve your sex life. If you are looking for increased sexual sensation, increased friction can help.

How long does it take to perform?

We use Ultra Femme 360, because it offers great results with no downtime or discomfort. These treatments don’t require sedation or anesthetic, and involve a short appointment.

What is recovery like?

Because Ultra Femme 360 is a gentle, non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime after your appointment. Women can go right back to work after their appointment, and don’t need to worry about going home to rest or recover.

If you’re interested in the benefits that vaginal rejuvenation can offer, give us a call at (888) 720-2634 to schedule a consultation.

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